In The US, The White-Haired Arlan Plucked Plans To Build A Business Complex

In the city of Manassas, Virginia, the construction company postponed the construction of the business complex in order not to disturb the bald eagle, or the “bald eagle,” the US national poultry, which fished its nest in a tree next to the construction site.

The owner of the site and the US Fish and Wildlife Service signed an agreement on the implementation of the main work on the project to build two office buildings in the period from August 1 to December 1, 2016. Thus, the construction of objects will begin later and be completed two months earlier than planned.

The timing of the project has been changed to avoid inconvenience to the bird during the nesting period.

Many residents of the site of the construction site had previously opposed the construction of a business complex, since, in their opinion, it would lead to the destruction of the eagle’s residence.

The bald eagle is the representative of the avifauna of the hawk family. As a rule, he settles on the side of settlements. In 1782, the bird became the official symbol of the United States, its images appeared on the arms, the regulatory standard and the banknotes of the country.